craig_about1Craig Overmiller is the original founder and co owner of Texas Solar Power Company in Austin, Texas. Craig was the driving force behind Texas Solar Power Company’s growth and expansion from 1996 to 2011. As an Architect; Craig was a visionary and pioneer in the early years of the solar industry.

His extensive experience in industrial, commercial and residential scale projects has enabled him to expertly mentor and teach in several Texas community colleges. Currently, he is a professor at St. Philip’s Community College in San Antonio. Craig is and always has been, a teacher. He has personally taught and trained several other Texan solar professionals.

The owners and operators of many of these spinoffs were once employees of Texas Solar Power Company – San Antonio; Adrian Buck of Freedom Solar, Vincent Guerrero of Circular Energy, Mark Rangel also now with Circular Energy and Brandon Mathis of Solar Community.

Craig is still the co-owner of the original Texas Solar Power Company in Austin, Texas as well as the owner/member of Texas Solar Power Company – San Antonio, LLC in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2011, Craig moved his family to San Antonio to better serve the needs of central Texas and the citizens of San Antonio and surrounding communities, while simultaneously spearheading expansion operations throughout the United States.

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Texas Solar Power Company-SA (TXSPC-SA) has been in the renewable energy industry both on a national and international level since 1996. Our professional staff has the knowledge, experience and dedication to deliver quality, turn-key systems.

Texas Solar Power Company is the industry leader in sales, design and installation of PV systems in the Central Texas region. We have a head start on those new to the industry: in 2007 and 2008, TXSPC-SA received an estimated 70% of Austin Energy rebates for commercial work and over 80% of rebates for residential installations.

Initially, the majority of business for Texas Solar Power Company was from within the Austin Energy service area. Today, we are no longer geographically limited, as we have installed systems in numerous locales across Texas as well as in Colorado, Georgia, Arizona, and several locations within Mexico and South America. TXSPC-SA currently has offices in Boulder, CO, Mandeville, LA, Atlanta, GA and San Antonio, TX. Our staff includes professional level NABCEP certified installers and system designers and numerous entry level NABCEP certified employees.

Texas Solar Power Company – San Antonio, is still leading PV installations in Texas and is expanding again. Texas Solar Power Company – San Antonio, has completed over 2,000 PV installations including projects in the U.S.A. and worldwide.

Our recent strategic partnerships and alliances involving the PV community, from manufacturers to entrepreneurial integrators, confirm that Texas Solar Power Company-SA is a company proven to be trusted.